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Your go-to source for all your Disposable Panty, Fashion Mask and Hygienic Liner needs

As a leading Hygienic Liner supplier, we provide unmatched service for the world’s premier retailers and manufacturers of swimwear.

Over the last 40 years, we’ve shipped over 1.5 billion Hygienic Liners with zero missed confirmed shipped dates. Leading commercial entities worldwide rely on our luxury Disposable Panties, Fashion Masks and Hygienic Liners, and we protect them with million-dollar product liability insurance.

True Fit Try On has become a go-to supplier of Disposable Panties & Fashion Masks selected by the finest retailers around the globe.

Designed for convenience and hygiene, our Disposable Panties were created as part of a system with the Hygienic Liner. While the Hygienic Liner protects the garment, the Disposable Panty protects your customer. Our Fashion Mask was created and patented to use while trying on Garments to protect from make-up, dirt or stains being left on the garments while being tried on. The Fashion Mask also protects your customers makeup and hair.

Why Choose True Fit Try On to Be Your Trusted Supplier of Hygienic Liners & Disposable Underwear?

Three words guide everything we do at True Fit Try On: innovation, quality and service. Our Disposable Panties, Fashion Masks and Hygienic Liners is a perfect example of how we provide top value to the world’s top brands.

Wide Selection: True Fit Try On provides a diverse range of Disposable Panties and Hygienic Liners. Whether you’re a retailer or an individual looking for reliable supplies, we have the perfect products to meet your needs.

Exceptional Quality: We understand the importance of hygiene and comfort, which is why all our products are made from premium materials. Our Disposable Panties and Hygienic Liners offer excellent protection and a comfortable fit.

Wholesale Options: As a wholesale supplier, True Fit Try On offers competitive pricing and bulk purchasing options. Whether you need a small quantity or a large order, we can accommodate your requirements while ensuring affordability.

Reliable Service: We are committed to providing outstanding customer service. Our team is dedicated to assisting you throughout the ordering process and addressing any inquiries or concerns you may have promptly.

Sustainability: We value our planet. We strive to always think of the impact we have on our environment and strive to create products that offer hygienic experiences. We continue to innovate and evolve to reduce waste and material use.

Private Labeling: We have worked directly with top swimwear brands, designers, retailers and manufactures. Creating custom Hygienic Liners or private label packaging for our Disposable Panty or Fashion Mask. If you are interested in a custom Hygienic Liner, please contact us to discuss.

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You can conveniently order top-quality Disposable Panties and Hygienic Liners directly from our online store. Our user-friendly interface and secure payment options ensure a smooth and hassle-free shopping experience. Browse our products or learn more about our company today.

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