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To give each client the absolute highest quality of products and the best service experience imaginable.

Why Choose Us to Be Your Go-To Supplier of Hygienic Liners and Disposable Undergarments?


The history of True Fit Try On® follows an exciting pattern of constant innovation. Thirty years ago, the opportunity arose to provide our world-class manufacturing service and fulfillment abilities to the burgeoning hygienic liner industry. At the time there was a heightened awareness of biological safety throughout society. Our reputation for pristine attention to detail provided the perfect opening for us to impact the swimsuit and lingerie protection industry as never before.

Today we have produced over 1.5 billion hygienic liners and millions of thong and bikini try-on panties and patented fashion masks. We continue to revolutionize the industry with quality products that exceed the desires of the world’s top retailers, the best-known swimwear lines, and biggest lingerie brands.


Our vast experience, coupled with premium materials and exceptional packaging, provides outstanding hygienic products for swimwear manufacturers and retailers. We enjoy loyal patronage from world famous companies and small boutiques alike because we fulfill their goal to provide the most pleasant and hygienic try-on experience for their clients. We have developed long-term relationships with our global vendors who share our values and maintain our standards for stringent quality control. Together we create consistently great products our customers have come to rely upon time and time again.


The reputation we have earned for legendary innovation and quality is made possible by our fully integrated vertical manufacturing process. True Fit Try On® is the only company in the world that manufactures proprietary pressure sensitive base material for our hygienic liners. We meticulously oversee the exact specifications for all product components including the medical grade adhesive, coating weight, release liner and nonwoven face sheet. This is exactly how we are able to consistently produce the highest performing hygienic liners worldwide. In the second stage of our vertical manufacturing, we ship our custom PSA to our manufacturing plants in the U.S. and China to be converted into the final product. At True Fit Try On® it will always be about quality design and flawless execution. For us there is no other way.


It’s simple really: we are a team of genuine caring people who love what we do. It is a joy to bring our commitment and enthusiasm to every customer that we have the honor of serving.

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