Hygienic Liners

What are Hygienic Liners?
  • The simple answer is Hygienic Liners are the small labels that are placed in the crotch of swimwear. The more complex answer would be Hygienic Liners are manufactured to protect the garment from contamination in the trying-on process. These days we are now more than ever conscious of bacteria and illnesses and how quickly they can spread. Hygienic liners are one barrier created to stop the transfer of bacteria/diseases on the garment. The Try-On Panty is then used as a barrier to stop the transmittal of bacteria from the garment to the customer. This system creates a hygienic experience for the customer as well as the garment.
  • The main purchasers of hygienic liners to date are ladies swimwear manufacturers, lingerie manufacturers, department and specialty stores as well as mail order catalog houses and online retailers. Mail order catalog houses require their vendors to install the hygienic liners into the garment prior to shipping. When the catalog houses receive returns, they simply take out the old hygienic liner and insert a new one so that the suit can be resold if it was returned in good condition.
Types of Hygienic Liners:
  • There are two categories of hygienic liners that we manufacture. The categories fall into the simplified “Paper” or “Plastic” descriptions. Each has their own added benefits as well as popularity.
    • Paper
      • Paper in this context is more than just paper. We use a medical grade white, non-woven facesheet that is similar to 3M paper tape. This is commonly used for direct skin application in hospitals worldwide. Our paper hygienic liners provide a high level of protection against contaminants as paper can absorb any fluids directly on the liner. This protects the garment until the liner is replaced.
    • Plastic
      • Our clear hygienic liners are made using a clear, thin and pliable face sheet. This material is soft as well as suitable for direct skin application.
  • We currently manufacture custom hygienic liners for many of the top swimwear manufacturers in the world. If you are interested in ordering a custom hygienic liner please contact us for more information.
  • Custom hygienic liner requirements:
    • Minimum order of 50,000
    • Clear material only
Most Common Questions
  • What type of hygienic liner is right for me?
    • We want to make sure you are getting the hygienic liner that will meet your needs as well as work best with your product. This is why we have developed several hygienic liners varying in size, materials, and design. For reference, we do have a basic recommendation depending on the type of service you provide. If you are a manufacturer we suggest the KC-1 while if you are a retail store or a returns department we suggest the TCP-1 as this was specifically created for returns as it is easily replaced in swimwear with its non-adhesive tab. For help selecting the best hygienic liner for your needs please contact customer service at 800-331-9595 or email [email protected]
  • What is the difference between the CL-1 and the CL-2?
    • The CL-1 and the CL-2 hygienic liners are very similar. They are manufactured using the same materials and are the same size. The only thing that sets them apart is the copy printed on each hygienic liner. The CL-1 is an English Spanish translation while the CL-2 is an English, Spanish and French translation.
  • What is the minimum I can buy?
    • We manufacture our hygienic liners in rolls of 1,000 then package them with shrink wrap to ensure they are kept hygienic. Therefore, we cannot sell a quantity less than 1 roll of 1,000 without comprising the product. We do send samples out to have customers test in their products but these are only for testing purposes and should not be placed into the final garment.
  • What is the tab for on the TCP-1?
    • The TCP-1 hygienic liner was developed to increase the speed of replacing a hygienic liner in returned swimwear. The tab does not have adhesive under it therefore an individual can easily grab this tab and quickly pull the hygienic liner out of the garment and replace with a new hygienic liner. This hygienic liner is commonly used for internet sales and retail stores, especially in returns departments. Top customers using this hygienic liner include Gap, Inc., Nordstrom and Everything But Water.

Disposable Panties

Why Disposable Panties?
  • Our panties provide the customer with a truer fit when trying on swimwear and lingerie while protecting the garment. The customer at your retail store will appreciate being able to get a true fit along with hygienic protection during try-ons. Retail stores selling swimwear and lingerie experience a positive influence on sales due to the use of our True Fit Try On® disposable panties.
  • Each panty is individually wrapped and packaged in cases of 500 units per case. They are packaged into 20 bundles of 25 for easy insertion into dispensers. The visible placement of these dispensers help remind your customers to use the disposable panty before trying on.
Types of Disposable Panties
  • There are two options when picking out your fitting room disposable panty. There is the thong and the bikini. All of our disposable panties are made from a non-woven spunbond polypropylene fabric. This is a hypoallergenic material so there is no worry for skin reactions.
  • We supply custom packaging of our Disposable Panties to retailers across the United States. We have worked with Everything But Water and Victoria’s Secret. MOQ is 50 boxes of 500 units each. If you are interested in custom packaging please contact us to receive more information.
Common Questions
  • What is polypropylene?
    • Polypropylene is a synthetic resin that is commonly used to make ropes, fabrics and molded objects.
  • Which style should I order? Thong or bikini?
    • While both styles are used, we find the SG-J Thong style to be a bit more popular for trying on swimsuits. But you know your customers the best, so choose the style you think your customers will feel more comfortable.
  • Do you offer quantity discounts?
    • We do! If you need to buy an item in bulk, please call us at 800-331-9595 or email [email protected] so we can discuss your needs and provide pricing.

Fashion Masks

Why Fashion Masks?
  • The Disposable Fashion Mask is used by women when trying on garments to stop the occurrence of make-up being transferred to the garment.
Types of Fashion Masks
  • We offer two types of Fashion Masks. Our original patented Fashion Mask is placed over the face to keep make up off the garment. Our new Make-Up Saver is similar but does not have eye-holes. The Make-Up Saver is also packaging in two ways, by tissue box or individually.
Common Questions
  • What is the difference between the fashion masks?
    • Our Fashion Masks are all made with high grade materials to ensure quality. Our traditional patented Fashion Mask (SG-FM) has eye-holes in the mask while our New Make-Up Saver Mask does not. The overall construction is the same, the only difference is the eye holes.