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1 Carton contains 500 pieces for $245

SG-FM: Disposable Fashion Mask

The True Fit Try On® Disposable Fashion Mask stops the occurrence of makeup being transferred to the garment or earrings snagging the garment, saving retail stores time and money. Supplied in dressing rooms for trying on garments, the Fashion Mask not only protects inventory, it also protects your clients makeup and hair while trying on garments.

All True Fit Try On® Disposables provide you with the ultimate win-win: you protect your customers and also save your business time and money. The advantages don’t stop there; find out how our try-on disposables benefit your business specifically. MORE INFO

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From the Manufacturer

True Fit Try On Fashion Mask

Saving Money & Protecting Clothes Since 1987!

We at True Fit Try On have been working to protect clothing since the company began in 1987. We know clothes are an investment as well as a statement. We created and patented our disposable fashion mask to ensure you could avoid damage from earrings or make-up when getting dressed. By using the fashion mask you reduce laundering costs as well as make-up transfer. The fashion mask is especially useful when laundering isn’t an option- traveling, cruise ship, special occasion such as wedding.

  • Saves Money!

  • Protects your clothes!

  • Reduces laundering costs!

True Fit Try On History

True Fit Try On began in 1987 revolutionizing the try-on hygienic industry. We are the worlds #1 supplier of hygienic liners for swimwear, having sold over 1.6 billion to top swimwear manufacturers and retailers worldwide. Along with our hygienic liners we developed disposable panties for try-on purposes for swimwear and lingerie. The Try-On panty protects the individual trying on the swimwear from any bacteria.


The patented fashion mask is created using soft breathable material to ensure your comfort.

Individually Wrapped

Each mask is individually wrapped for easy use on the go! It also insures the fashion mask is kept clean and sanitary just for you!

Make Up Stains

While wearing the mask, it protects your clothing from foundation, mascara, lipstick, bronzer and blush transfer on your garments. Reducing your laundering costs and extending the life of your clothing!

Earring Snags

Wearing the fashion mask protects your knit garments from getting those annoying earring snags ad well as saves your ears the pain of it happening. Simply put on our fashion mask before grabbing that beautiful cashmere sweater and you are good to go!


Cruise ships are known for their small cabins and limited space. When you can only bring a limited amount of clothing the True Fit Try On Fashion Mask is there to keep your clothes clean. No worries about getting lipstick on your dinner outfit or mascara on your one white blouse. We have you covered!

On The Go

Great for on the go! Place in your purse, suitcase, backpack and more. Unexpected shopping trip with friends, or emergency company trip. No need to worry when you have the Fashion Mask. Your make-up and hair will remain perfect while your clothes remain clean.


Reduce your luggage weight! Extend your clothes use! Pack a True Fit Try On Fashion Mask and never worry about make-up transfer on your clothing again!

Special Events

To avoid staining that special outfit for that special day. Great to include in wedding guest goody bags for the rehearsal dinner or extras for your bridal party. Any formal event where laundering is not an option the True Fit Try On Fashion Mask is there to help!

Prom, graduation, company formal event, premiere, award show, etc.